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Terry Petty, Chevrolet, Inc

Do you want your business to flourish? Do you want local shoppers to take a look at your products? Well, so do we! That is why we support our Local Chamber of Commerce here in Union City, Tennessee.​‌”

Do you want your business to flourish? Do you want local shoppers to take a look at your products? Well, so do we! That is why we support our Local Chamber of Commerce here in Union City, Tennessee.

Our business has been in Union City / Obion County since December 1972 and we have been, not only members, but actively on the Board of Directors for almost all of those years. If you are not supporting your local community, then you can't expect support from that same community

During the last 41 years in our area, we have experienced an array of wonderful, supportive leaders that have worked with the Chamber as President, Vice-President or any of the many important jobs on the Board of Directors or have been hired by the Chamber to run our local activities and make the excitement of the area become a reality! From the BBQ Cookoff, the Business after Hours, the Fall Fest (CORNFEST) month of activities, the hosting of guests visiting our area who maybe move to our area, the Business Matters meetings, to the Christmas Parades and The Car Cruise.....The Chamber gets everything off the ground and makes it WORK!

My family : Todd, Amy, Lexi and Lili Petty , Stacie, Kevin , Matthew, Kyle, and Stephen Herrell and Gwyn and I and , of course, Terry Petty Chevrolet, Inc and Higher Ground Coffee Co. , have been and always will be a part of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce.

In 2005, Terry Petty Chevrolet started a little motto: Buy Chevy, Buy LOCAL and Buy Now! Along with my all time favorite: Why, because it Matters! We have supported local Schools, local Projects , and believe in local people.....kind of like Katie Keathley and Lindsay Frilling......we have had a lot of leaders in the Chamber , but I believe these two work harder and together as good as any in our history. With these young ladies you always know what is going on and when it is going on and the communication is second to's funny that things always seem to work best when you have a team that respects and enhances what the others try to do. I have always said that doing what you are supposed to do is 100% of your job....letting someone else know what you are doing is 110% of your job. These girls are 125%....don't you think.

Working together with your community and supporting your community and buying locally is the only way small towns like Union City and Obion County will survive in the troubled times in our future. By working together, we have survived Goodyear leaving, an economic downturn and we will survive everything coming our way in the future.....Why? Because it Matters!

Support all of our local businesses, support our local government, support our local schools and support your local CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. I had someone ask me one time "What If every community did just what you are saying, would that not hurt you?"....the answer, if everyone supported their own community, then, yes we all would survive! If we can't make a living serving 30,000 plus people, then we aren't doing our jobs right either! Yes, we need outside sales and support, but we call that business "Conquest"....when we sell at home, we call that "LOYALTY". Don't you just love that word! Let's find those elusive words again....LOYALTY, PRIDE, COMMITMENT AND LOVE for our community!

Signed passionately,

Terry Petty and Family

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