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Caitlyn Landry

Member: Caitlyn Landry
Company: Manpower
Position: Staffing Specialist

Areas of Expertise: Staffing and Human Resources

Other Interests: Painting and writing

Why did you join the Chamber?
"Growing up, I always admired people who had the opportunity to be so involved within the community. As I matured, I realized how much the individuals I respected had contributed to the businesses and people of the community. I have always desired to be part of an organization that could advance my professional career and skills as well as present opportunities for me to give back to businesses and people in my community. Being an ambassador for the Obion County Chamber of Commerce has done just that for me!"

Why do you serve as an Ambassador?
"Serving as an ambassador has taught me far more than I could ever learn from the workforce alone. Serving as an ambassador has given me the pleasure of learning the ins and outs of small businesses, partaking in projects throughout the community, and a compassion for helping others to the best of my ability. A personal goal I established as a young adult was to be recognized and remembered as a positive influence on my community. Although I have not achieved this goal entirely, I have no doubt that my adventure with the Chamber will aid in my fulfillment. I have never felt as at-home within a group of people as I do with the Chamber. I will continue to serve as an ambassador in order to strengthen every relationship that I have gained thus far!"

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
"To me, the Chamber has a much larger role and impact on the business community than I ever realized. The Chamber is here to be your friend, provide guidance, be a support system, and lend a helping hand. When you have such a strong community filled with exceptional, accomplished, and strong leaders it is hard to ever feel like you do not have the encouragement and support that you need. With the Obion County Chamber of Commerce you will never feel like you do not have somewhere to turn."

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