Amber Armour

Member: Amber Armour
Company: Commercial Bank and Trust Company
Position: Teller

Areas of Expertise:
"I few areas of expertise I feel I have gained through the years are customer service skills, ability to work well under pressure, ability to work well with fellow employees, and problem solving."

Other Interests:
Agriculture and the Outdoors.

Why did you join the Ambassador Program?
"I joined the chamber to get more involved in my community. I feel anyone can sit back and make suggestions about what Obion County needs, but very few get out and do something about it. I also feel that Obion County needs young adults at the front lines fighting for a future, for progress, and ultimate success for this County."

Why do you serve as an Ambassador?
"I serve as an Ambassador to better my community and to give my company a voice in the upcoming success of Obion County. I also feel that serving as an Ambassador is important in making life long contacts with other businesses so that we can make Obion County better together."

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
"I feel the Chamber's role in the business community is to be a common ground for everyone while helping not just the big businesses grow, but also making sure the little "man" is not pushed out of the way in the process. I feel the Chamber works hard to create a well-balanced community of businesses."