Cody Martin

Member: Cody Martin
Company: Edmaiston and Mosley Funeral Home
Position: Licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer

Areas of Expertise:
In the funeral industry we are expected to do an array of jobs. I specialize in the preparations of family's loved ones, which includes, the embalming process, dressing and casketing, and cosmetic work. I also meet with families during the arrangement process, help conduct their ceremonies, and I'm also here to help counsel them through their tough times of need.

Other Interests:
I love spending time with my wife Ashley and my one year old daughter Ryleigh. I enjoy anything outdoors; golf, fishing, hunting, and working in the yard to name a few. I also strive and have a passion to be involved in our community and very much enjoy attending worship services at the First United Methodist Church of Union City.

Why did you join the Chamber?
We saw that being a part of the local chamber would be a great asset and resource for us to serve the families of this area. We also believe that being a part of the Chamber is another way we can contribute to our community.

Why do you serve as an Ambassador?
When my family and I first moved to obion county, I set out to become involved and offer my time and contribution to the people and small businesses in the area. 
Being an ambassador isn't just a fun time but its also a perfect opportunity for us to volunteer our time and contribute ourselves during local events and business functions.

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
I have found that our local chamber offers a multitude of opportunities and resources to make each business in the area the best they can be. The chamber offers very informative sessions about various businesses and expertise in our area. They also create a great networking opportunity for everyone to be a part of. I have always believed that competition is a great thing and if we all work together and share ideas with each other we can offer the best services and products our great community deserves.
It has been my experience since joining Union City Insurance Partners, LLC., that the Chamber has truly helped our Agency and team members to grow by providing a forum for "networking" and introducing us to new opportunities.