Emily Hall

Member: Emily Hall
Company: John Miles, Attorney
Position: Legal Assistant

Other Interests:
"I enjoy reading and spending time with my husband and 6 year old twin boys."

Why did you join the Ambassador Program?
"I think the Chamber is an important part of commerce in a community, and I was interested in being a part of helping all of our businesses, from industry to mom and pop shops, grow. Working for a small law firm, and my husband being a small business owner, I think it is important to be involved in the Chamber for networking opportunities. I did not grow up in Obion County, and this involvement helps me meet people and to build new relationships. I enjoy being involved in the growth of this amazing small town."

What is the Chamber's role in the business community?
"The Chamber's role, in my opinion, is to assist in growing a community and helping professionals connect. I have seen first-hand how the Chamber uses events, such as Business Matters and Business After-Hours, to assist in all businesses in our community being able to network. This is crucial for businesses, new, old, small, and large, in our area to grow and succeed."