Andrea Aden

Company: Advance Financial 24/7
Position: Branch Manager

Areas of Expertise:
I have been in the finance industry for 12 years. I went from a teller working my way up the corporate ladder to manager. I have done everything from collections to sales and enjoy my career and being able to be a light in someone's life when they face their darkest times financially.

Other Interests:
Being a proud Navy Mom to my 21 year old son and the ever so busy Dance Mom to my 9 year old daughter.

What made you want to become active in the chamber?
Becoming a member of the Chamber is having the opportunity to be a small part of something much bigger. It is being able to be a positive influence in the communities that we serve and taking an active role in lifting up local businesses and celebrating new ones.

Why do you serve as an ambassador?
Having this opportunity to serve as an ambassador allows me to be a voice for not only my business but for the community. It’s about learning what your community needs are as they are ever changing and evolving.

What is the Chambers role in the business community?
The Chamber is an important role in the business community as a point of contact to network, learn, grow, and prosper as a united front. It creates a business family that you can trust, be inspired by, gain guidance, and professional growth from.

What piece of advice would you give to a business who was thinking about joining the chamber?
Becoming a member gives your new or established business a place to be promoted, a chance to be involved, gain trust from the community, and have a support system from a variety of members.