Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City appreciates the benefits and advantages of being a member of the Obion County Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is most helpful when promoting our new physicians, programs, and services. The staff has always been so accommodating when recruiting physicians to our community and when helping us share our news with fellow Chamber members and with new families and business leaders who have moved to the area

With Chamber-sponsored events such as Business Matters meetings, business leaders have an opportunity to network and build relationships. Membership in the local Chamber keeps business and civic leaders on top of important, ever-changing issues and trends within our community and local marketplace.

Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City is a Chamber member because it increases our visibility in the community; provides member exclusive advertising, promotion and publicity; offers events and programs at which we get to know new people, and delivers valuable information in an interesting newsletter.

To reap the benefits of Chamber membership, you must make an investment of time and effort in Chamber activities and become involved. Simply put, you will get out of Chamber membership what you put in.

Submitted By: Skipper Bondurant, CEO of Baptist Memorial Hospital and Kara Ward, Marketing Director of Baptist Memorial Hospital