Portis Tanner

Westan Insurance Group, Inc

I like being a part of my community and surrounding myself with a like-minded group of people dedicated to helping businesses and their families.

Julie Hill

Historic Anns 1893 / Glorias On Exchange

My husband and I have done all we can personally to help create positive change in our neighborhood, city, county, and the Northwest TN region.

George Leake

Obion County Schools

Serving on the Board of Directors allows me to help make decisions that benefit our local businesses as well as our large industries.

Scott Williams

Discovery Park Of America

I believe in all cases, we are stronger working together. Our community will be able to meet our individual and combined objectives more quickly if we are working together as a team.

Donnie Walton

Member Name: Donnie Walton
Company Name: Commercial Bank and Trust Company
Position: Vice President / Loan Officer

Elizabeth Pritchett

Member Name: Elizabeth Pritchett
Company Name: Center Point Business Solutions
Position: Director of Sales and Marketing

Trent Ams

Member: Trent Ams
Company: Union City Carpet Center
Position: Husband in charge; Warehouse Manager; Inventory Control; Lawn Maintenance; Stock Transport, etc.

Barbie Hardy

Member: Barbie Hardy
Company: Thunderbolt Broadcasting
Position: Marketing and Promotions Director

Amber Jones

Member: Amber Jones
Company: Commercial Bank and Trust Company
Position: Secondary Market Mortgage Liaison Work

Danny Patterson

Member Name: Danny Patterson
Company Name: Little General (Cox Oil Company)
Position: Director of Marketing

Skipper Bondurant

Member Name: Skipper Bondurant
Company Name: Baptist Memorial Hospital-Union City
Position: Administrator and Chief Executive Officer

Jo Ann Speer

Member Name: Jo Ann Speer
Company Name: Everett-Stewart Regional Airport
Position: Airport Manager

Connie Frances O'Neal

Member Name: Connie Frances O'Neal
Company Name: O'Neal's Country Store & Union City Antique Mall and More
Position: Co- Owner

Crystal Meade

Member Name: Crystal Meade
Company Name: Soleil Garden Center
Position: Owner