Jim Cheatham

Member Name: Jim Cheatham
Company Name: Universal Contractors
Position: President

Jennifer Eason

Board Member Name: Jennifer Eason
Company Name: Reelfoot Bank
Position: Loan Processor

Greg Dozier

Member Name: Greg Dozier
Company Name: Commercial Bank and Trust
Position: Vice President / Loan Officer

Donny Bearden

Member Name: Donny Bearden
Company Name: AmeriClear Rx
Position: Chief Operating Officer

Hadley Malone

Member Name: Hadley Malone
Company Name: Obion County Farm Bureau
Position: Manager

Lesley Anderson

Member Name: Lesley Anderson
Company Name: Williams Sausage Company, Inc.
Position: VP Foodservice Sales

Kim Watts

Member Name: Kim Watts
Company Name: Center Point Business Solutions
Position: Chief Operation Officer

Kerry Speer

Member Name: Kerry Speer
Company Name: The Messenger Commercial Printing
Position: Commercial Sales Manager

Judy Barker

Member Name: Judy Barker
Company Name and Position: Attorney and Owner of Barker Law
Co-Owner of Barker Building Rentals

Kyle Baggett

Member Name: Kyle Bagget
Company Name: First Citizens National Bank
Position: Loan Officer

Charlene Burpo

Member Name: Charlene Burpo
Company Name: Twin Oaks Technology
Position: Director Sales/Marketing