Young Professionals of Obion County

YPOC Committes

The various YPOC committees allow members to use their strengths and interests to make Obion County a better place for the leaders of tomorrow. Each committee is made up of volunteers and works to fulfill YPOC’s goal to increase the involvement fo the younger demographic in Obion County through community service, social networking, and professional development. Meetings are a time to network and share ideas.

Community Outreach

Identifies community non-profit organizations that YPOC will collaborate with for volunteering opportunities. We inspire members to make a difference by volunteering and forging meaningful relationships with their peers. We’re connecting members to organizations where they can hone their skills and share their energy with our large non-profit community, and recognizing them when they do.

"We believe in having a strong professional network, an active social life, and investing our talents in Obion County. Whether you've lived here your whole life, are new to town, or a boomerang coming back home, YPOC strives to connect our young talent to the community. We are now accepting new member applications and encourage all men and women ages 21-35 to check us out!"


Promotes YPOC in the Obion County area. We identify and recruit young professionals in the area to join our organization and promote the benefits of the YPOC to interested individuals and groups. We also help engage new members in the organization and we introduce individuals to their members within the organization. We communicate, promote and create awareness for YPOC by providing operational support for the various YPOC committees. We work on utilizing our existing resources to better communicate with our members and the community. This includes the website, social media, and all printed materials. Streamlining these resources allows us to track participation at YPOC events and target interests which will better serve our members.

This is also the forum for reviewing, evaluating, and recommending strategies, plans, and technologies for the YPOC. We identify strategic directions, capabilities, and objectives for YPOC including learning and teaching technologies, identify opportunities where technology can help achieve our communication goals and recommend our priorities, ensure a coordinated implementation of YPOC projects and initiatives, and oversee and manage the website and other like technologies.


Plans coordinates and executes cultural and social events, where YPOC members and future members enjoy great settings to celebrate our achievements and enjoy each others company. The goal is to hold events that appeal to our members and connect local businesses and organizations with our membership.

Professional Development

Provides growth opportunities to YPOC members and other young professionals in the community through networking events, training seminars and other engaging lectures. Professional development topics are wide ranging and can span events with community leaders and career development workshops.


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