Northwest Tennessee provides endless opportunities for visitors to enjoy. There are a variety of activities to take part in throughout the region.

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Discover a natural world of wonder in Obion County! Taking a scenic driving tour within Obion County will showcase breathtaking scenic beauty of forested rolling hills mixed with carpets of lush green field, leasing you to a whole new experience around every corner.

While driving between communities, roll own the window and smell the fresh hay in the summer and the apple orchards in the fall. Offering of fresh fruit and vegetables can be found at roadside markets along the way. Complete your visual experience at Reelfoot Lake with its many boardwalks meandering through majestic cypress trees.

Venture outdoors and discover the world of wonder in Obion County! Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, golf or baseball - Obion County has it all then some. Take advantage of the walking tours available in many of our quaint historic towns. Union City's Greyhounds offers an exciting level of collegiate baseball, or play a round of golf at one of 7 public/semi-public 18-hole golf courses. Obion County is nationally known for its world class fishing, hunting and water sports. Located along the Mississippi Flyway, the county annually hosts more than 100,000 geese and over 200,000 ducks, in addition to a plenitful array of wildlife.

Obion County plays host to a variety of markets, festivals and fairs that captures the community spirit all year round. Look at our list below for what annual events are coming up. Also a reminder to keep informed by using our upcoming events section.

For a small regional area, Obion County in fact has a diverse range of culinary tastes to suit even the most picky eater. Whether you are after the all American bar and grill for a mouth watering steak, Italian fine dining, flavor overloaded Mexican dishes, or the freshly prepared selections of the orient, we have you covered. Perhaps you want a good home cooked style meal, just the way your mom made it. Not a problem! In fact, you will find Obion County takes pride in their southern style cooking and will discover locally owned restaurants boasting such menu choices.

Are you in need of some retail therapy, well Obion County is a good place to start. There are several centers around the area that caters everything from the popular fashion outlets to the specialized boutiques. See the list below of areas around town, however the best way is to take a tour and find what could be your new favorite place to indulge and shop!

Obion County will keep you busy for days on end with attractions and activities available to do as a family or by yourself. Take a day to look at the newly opened Discovery Park, located in Union City, TN, offering visitors a world-class educational and entertainment experience with more than 70,000 SF of exhibits focused on nature, science, technology, history, and art.

Or perhaps after a tour of the local museums, a round of golf, or take in a show hosted by the Masquerade Theatre is what you had in mind? Don't forget there are walking trails, bike trails and Reelfoot Lake tours for those looking more for an outdoor experience.