Venture outdoors and discover the world of wonder in Obion County! Whether you enjoy hunting, fishing, golf or baseball - Obion County has it all then some. Take advantage of the walking tours available in many of our quaint historic towns. Union City's Greyhounds offers an exciting level of collegiate baseball, or play a round of golf at one of 7 public/semi-public 18-hole golf courses. Obion County is nationally known for its world class fishing, hunting and water sports. Located along the Mississippi Flyway, the county annually hosts more than 100,000 geese and over 200,000 ducks, in addition to a plenitful array of wildlife.


Reelfoot Lake and the Reelfoot Lake State Park area

Only 30 minutes from most points in the county. The lake is widely known for its fishing, hunting, and water sports. American Bald Eagle winters at Reelfoot, and eagle tours sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Wildlife Resources are available.

The park's 280 acres are broken into 10 segments located along 22 miles of the Reelfoot Lake shoreline.The other sections of the park - including the visitor and interpretive center with its auditorium, picnic and camping areas - are located along State Highways 21 and 22.

Hours of Operation
The park is open 7 days a week.

Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge

The 10,428 acre Reelfoot National Wildlife Refuge was established in 1941 for the primary purpose of providing optimum habitat and sanctuary for wintering waterfowl. While providing habitat for the ducks and geese, the refuge also encourages the public to use the hiking trails, viewing towers, and wildlife viewing roads to explore!

The Refuge Visitor Center, hiking trails, and viewing towers are open year-round. Free monthly guided canoe trips are offered from April to October. A youth fishing rodeo is held every year on Tennessee's free fishing day in June. A Jr. Ranger Camp is offered to kids for free during the summer, as well as numerous other programs. Free eagle tours are offered in January and February. Reelfoot NWR's visitor center showcases a variety of hands-on exhibits that focus on waterfowl.

You can visit the refuge to hunt during our specified seasons, fish, photograph wildlife, or just to enjoy some quiet time with nature.

Location: 4343 Hwy 157, Union City, TN 38261

Hours: Monday - Saturday from 8 am - 4 pm


Phone number: (731) 538-2481

Kentucky Lake and the Land Between the Lakes

These areas are also widely known for their recreational facilities. They are located 1 hour from Obion County.


Recreational Parks are located in Union City, Troy, Obion, Kenton, Hornbeak, and Woodland Mills. Facilities may include baseball and softball fields, walking tracks, recreational activities, picnic facilities, basketball and tennis courts, soccer fields, and public pools.