MIA Seating Makes First Shipment from Union City

On Thursday, June 5, MIA Seating executive Darius Mir shared the following statement. "Today was a momentous day for us at MIA Seating, as we were able to ship the first product from our new Union City factory.

Although only a trial production run, it nevertheless enabled us to fill an urgent need of one of our customers, and made today a very exciting day for the talented workforce at MIA Seating who worked hard to reach this unforgettable milestone.

Since January this year we have been busy ordering many sophisticated and state of the art manufacturing equipment, some of which we have already received and placed into production; with many more that we plan to commission by 3rd quarter this year. We are looking forward to starting our full production by 4th quarter this year, by which time we will be able to invite many more of the talented Union City workforce to join our team.

Manufacturing a high quality American made product in Union City, Tennessee will enable us to competitively replace much of the product currently being imported by major retailers in the United States. This initiative will be reversing a trend of the past 30 years, and will hopefully pave the way for other manufacturers to consider United States as the ideal working environment."