UNION CITY, TN. When Donna Walker began her career in banking at what was formerly Old & Third National Bank forty years ago, banking looked a little different than it does today. Over the years, she's seen debit cards, direct deposits, ATM machines, mobile banking, Netteller and computers all change the way consumers bank, but her love for the job has only grown.

"Back in the day, most things were done by hand, and records were kept on paper," Donna says. "Customers had to come to the bank to make deposits and get cash. We were always extremely busy."

Old & Third National Bank eventually became Commercial Bank and Trust Company (CBTC), but Donna continued her work with the bank.

Her job duties at CBTC have been versatile throughout her career. She has served as a teller, teller supervisor, head teller, lock box clerk, ordering supplies, overseeing the maintenance of the building and equipment, customer service representative, and liaison to human resources. She also took on the duty of overseeing the future fund accounts, but her favorite role was that of CSR.

"What I love most about my job is helping others," Donna says. "From assisting other employees to serving our customers, I find it all rewarding. My customers depend on me to help them with their banking needs, but I have the opportunity to share in their lives as well. I am grateful that I can continue to serve them and am excited for what's ahead."

Commercial Bank and Trust Company was chartered in 1877. The bank has operations in Jackson, Memphis, Paris, and Union City, Tennessee. Mott Ford is the Chief Executive Officer of Commercial Bank and Trust Company. In Union City, the bank has offices at 127 South First Street and 815 East Reelfoot Avenue.

For more information on Commercial Bank and Trust Company, visit www.cbtcnet.com.