Waymatic Celebrates 60 Years!

The year was 1954 when T.J. Easterwood, a graduate of Union City High school, first developed and marketed an even weigh and bagging device that the world knows as the "Waymatic".

It was the invention of the Waymatic weigher/bagger that gave rise to the establishment of T.J.'s welding and repair shop known as "Waymatic Welding and Fabricating Company" located on Morris Street in South Fulton.

In 1961 Charles Reams, a Pepsi Cola bottler with operations in Fulton, came to T.J. and asked if he could develop a trailer to use in product sampling. The first special events trailer was released several months later. From those small beginnings Waymatic has grown to be largest supplier of Special Events trailers in the country. Waymatic trailers can be found at most festivals and all state and county fairs and across America and the world.

Waymatic moved to its current location in 1964 where operations continue today. While the Waymatic may best known for its trailers, industrial customers throughout the mid-south and the country have come to rely on Waymatic for their custom fabrication needs.

Celebrating their 60th anniversary in 2014 the company continues to be a family operation. Employing nearly 90 people, brothers Michael Easterwood, David Easterwood and brother-n-law Eddie Wright, are all still involved in the day-to-day operations with Michael Easterwood serving as company president. Waymatic is located at 5354 Ken-Tenn Road just outside of South Fulton.

Pictured from left: Eddie Wright, David Easterwood, Michael Easterwood, CEO