Young Professionals of Obion County

Young Professionals of Obion County interest meeting will be tonight, March 2nd, at 6:00pm. Join us in the bar area at Los Portales in Union City to discuss this new group that targets the younger demographics in our area, ages 21-35.

We believe in having a strong professional network, an active social life, and investing our talents in Obion County. Whether you've lived here your whole life, are new to town, or a boomerang coming back home, YPOC strives to connect our young talent to the community.

What is YPOC?
Young Professionals of Obion County, ages 21-35, is a group that serves as a hub for those interested in social and professional networking, getting involved in the community, and taking advantage of the events that appeal to young talent in our area.

Why is it Important?
YPOC gives our younger generations the opportunity to take an active role in our community. When you look around, there is a generation gap in Obion County and by giving this specific age group a unique opportunity to become more involved, we hope to see the younger demographics increase in our area.

How is it different from other organizations?
By having a target age group and the opportunity for both men and women to join, YPOC is structured on less structure. Makes sense, right? We understand everyone is busy, that is why we strive to keep our events flexible, annual dues low, and drinks cold.

How do I get involved?
Your first chance to get involved is by coming to our interest meeting on March 2nd! Come alone, bring a friend, or bring a whole group! This is a time for you to meet other local young professionals, listen to each others ideas, get YPOC officially started, and lastly, have a good meal.